Monday, January 10, 2011

low budget, high ROI

Last spring I was asked by Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon to help them design a logo and some basic print materials for their new high-level giving society. I gladly accepted the challenge to create some pieces that would not look (nor be!) expensive to produce will still conveying a warm and personal touch to potential donors.

By using the iconic "P" and adding a glow radiating from the center, I created a logo that's unique to the Visionary Society, yet still relates strongly to Planned Parenthood's official logo mark. Typography was kept clean and simple and set the tone for all related print materials.

All the pieces were printed digitally in one color on recycled paper to keep costs down. To customize the pre-made kraft presentation folder, I designed a sticker to adorn the front and fold around the right front edge. This allows for a little graphic touch on the inside as well.

The glowing burst from the logo is repeated on all the printed elements, such as the brochure and note card shown here.

To learn more about PPSO, please visit their website.

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