Wednesday, February 9, 2011

palm springs glam

Design is about so much more than simply arranging elements on a page. I was reminded of this again this week when I picked up samples of an invitation I designed for the University of Oregon.

This particular event takes place in Palm Springs so it made perfect sense to use photography that mirrored the location. During my image search, I came across this image (from iStockPhoto) and thought it was perfect: a big tropical palm tree drenched in rays of sunshine. The lens glare was a nice bonus, adding a touch of realism.

To take that sense of realism even further, I suggested we print the invite on a metallic paper to really add depth and brightness to the image. And boy, was that ever the right call: the Petallics paper by Aspire really made the photo come to life – you can practically feel the sun blind your eyes!
Okay, so it's hard to show in these photos but trust me, if you want to add some glam and some depth to your next project, consider using this paper. The nice thing is that it's offered for both offset and digital applications (we printed the invite digitally while the envelope was a 2-color offset job).