Tuesday, September 4, 2012

another award – creativity 41

I love getting mail. Naturally, when opening my mail box, I prefer to find a lovely handwritten note from a dear friend than a bill or yet another invite to bundle my phone and cable...but best of all is when there's a package.

Seeing a plain brown box waiting patiently at my door step always gets me giddy with excitement. Did someone send me a present? Did I sleep walk and order that as-seen-on-TV gadget?

Last week I found one of these boxes tucked away behind some bushes next to the front door (I must not have been home when the UPS man made his delivery) and I eagerly tore away the tape, revealing my very own copy of Creativity 41.

Having a collection of award-winning designs is always a great design reference but what makes this book special is that it includes one of my award-winning designs! A magazine ad, to be precise, that I worked on with copywriter extraordinaire Erin Codazzi (you may remember reading about it here).

What makes it even more special is that the book itself is actually a pretty cool design. While the use of pattern is a bit much for my taste, I do love the fact that the paper edges were printed with stripes. And, of course, that fabulous diecut "1" on the front cover.

Yep, I love getting mail. Can't wait to see what this week's mail brings me!

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