Monday, March 7, 2011

form follows funk

Last week I battled the rush hour traffic and nasty down pours to attend this month's First Friday art walk in Eugene, Oregon.

Okay, I didn't do much walking since I only went to one gallery but it was totally worth the 5-hour stint in the car: my all-time favorite creative director and Guru of Genius Dave Funk was being honored in a retrospective at Opus VII gallery.

The place was absolutely packed with people and despite my best efforts to capture the essence of the show, my photos hardly do it justice...

One side of the wall was filled with Dave's sketches, doodles and ideas from the past 30+ years. His drawings are so cool, it was great to see them all grouped together – they are so much part of what makes Dave Dave!

The opposite wall displayed photos, work, bios, and quotes by a number of talented designers that Dave has worked with over the years. Surprisingly, the work of a dozen or so different artists hung together cohesively and came across as a single unit.

I was honored to be among this mix of graphic artists and had great fun watching people engage with my work.

In between these two long walls were several displays inviting the viewer to partake in mini design projects. There was also a tribute to my former teacher and mentor Thomas Rubick and local design legend Chris Berner.

Kudos to the team who put this show together – well done, very well done!

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