Monday, March 14, 2011

going digital

As a designer, I love the quality created by printing a project on an offset press. But when budget, quantity or timing eliminate that option, I'm glad to know I can get great results by going digital.

Case in point is the program book I designed for a University of Oregon event. You may remember reading about the actual invitation, which was printed offset using two Pantone colors.

Now take a look at this digital print run:

The colors are amazingly close, type is crisp and the paper feels nice. Granted, paper choices are still somewhat limited when printing on a digital press but for the time and money saved, this is a perfect solution.

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  1. Hi Alex, It's Nancy from the Nancy Jean Home blog!
    Thanks so much for entering the giveaway contest.
    Your design work is really beautiful, as well as your charming artwork in your Etsy shop. It's impressive to see someone doing both so well!