Wednesday, July 13, 2011

trying something new

I'm always excited when I have the opportunity to try something new, as was the case with a recent project for the University of Oregon's Founders Societies.

The request was to design a suite of materials that was simple yet classy, elegant yet understated. No problem, I love doing just that.

Oh, but wait – did I mention that the request was also to include engraving and custom lined envelopes? Hmmm...I had not done either of those types of projects before but sure, no problem! It's all about pulling together the right team, and I knew exactly whom to ask.

The complete suite included executive letterhead, personalized flat cards, lined envelopes, a parking pass and a mailing enclosure for the parking pass.

Initially, it seemed like getting all these elements produced might be a bit of a challenge but after partnering with Brown Printing, we figured it all out. First we had to find the perfect paper that would stand up to the engraving, yet be just the right shade of creamy white, so we chose Crest paper in Natural from Crane, one of the country's oldest and most prestigious paper companies. For the envelope liner we chose a sparkly Stardream (Onyx color) to create a nice contrast and tie in with the black engravings.

Brown printed the taupe color and the watermark, which was a custom ink mix. The logo on the back of the envelope was blind embossed, then everything was shipped up to Washington to be engraved by a master engraver who actually used to work at Crane Paper – small world!

Back in Portland, everything then had to be die cut, converted into envelopes and then the paper liner inserted and glued. Phew, quite a few hands have touched this project but in the end, it looks absolutely gorgeous!

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