Thursday, July 21, 2011

party Texas-style!

I just picked up these samples from the printer today and just had to share right away:

My task was to create an invitation for the University of Oregon, who is hosting an event the evening before their football team plays the season opener vs. LSU at Cowboy Stadium in Dallas, Texas. The event takes place at Billy Bob's Texas, a local landmark offering the full honky tonk experience.

After taking a peek at the venue's website, I took the bull by its horns (sorry, couldn't resist the pun!) and used a Western cowboy concept as the visual theme.

Adding a ten gallon hat and state outline to the Oregon Fighting Duck and combining grungy "saloon" fonts with a gritty, rustic background texture resulted in the exact look I was after.

I love the way this invite turned out – cheery and fun yet no mistaking what this event is all about!

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