Friday, May 20, 2011

LogoLounge 2011 report

For years, I've submitted work to national and international design competitions in the hopes of winning some accolades from my peers in addition to the many kudos my clients bestow upon me. It's always very satisfying and validating to have your work recognized by other designers, and past awards have included Summit, Creativity, and American Corporate Identity as well as How Magazine.

And while this most recent accomplishment is not an actual award, it does feel great to have one of my logos included in the LogoLounge 2011 Trends Report. LogoLounge is an online resource of over 145,000 logos uploaded by designers across the globe. They regularly publish books showcasing the best of the best, in addition to releasing a yearly trend report.

This report is published in the current issue of Graphic Design USA, a news magazine for creative professionals. It's been very interesting to read about today's trends in logo design.

As a designer, I strive to create logos that will stand the test of time, serving companies for years to come. That said, for some clients having a logo that is fresh yet trendy and eye-catching is just as important, as was the case with Candywinkel.

Amy wanted a slightly nostalgic look that incorporated the popular brown-and-pink color palette, appealing to today's sophisticated shopper. The result has not only served her company well, it's now also caught the eye of the LogoLounge trend spotters!

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