Friday, August 6, 2010

wedding style

I'm about to take off for a week of R&R during which Hubby and I will drive down to LA to attend my baby sister's wedding. This has been a true family affair with all members pitching in to make her special day picture perfect.

Naturally, the task of designing her invites and other paper products fell upon me, and I happily obliged. While I don't have any photos of her invite, it was similar in concept to the one I designed a few years ago for the Style Lounge at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival (click here to see samples).

I will try and snag a few shots while in SoCal but what I CAN share today is the place card which doubles as the party favor. Continuing the CD theme (the invite was mailed inside a metal CD tin), the favor is a CD containing a series of songs that are meaningful to the special couple. I used some of my left-over Cecily Ink gift wrap to imprint the song titles and background story and imprinted oval stickers with all the guests' names.

Very much a DIY project (all printed on my little desktop inkjet) but still filled with design inspiration. See you all when I get back!